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Achieve organizational changes with professional Change Management

The typical approach in organizations is to achieve changes by developing new strategies, structures or processes. But in most cases, it will not be sufficient to just do this "at the round table". Appropriate measures to include all people involved and subsequent steps for implementation need to be planned and carried out.

RIVA's approach to Change Management

We deem Change Management to be essential for successful implementation of desired changes in organizations. People on all levels of the organization are in the focus – from senior management to all other employees.

Main elements of Change Management are:

  • Integrate everybody involved on all levels and divisions for clear definition of targets and developing the results
  • Setup and maintain systematic stakeholder management
  • Implement adequate communication measures on various channels for the current project phase and for the different target groups
  • Train new processes where needed

Targets and results

Consistent Change Management ensures:

  • Jointly supported visions for changes
  • Coordinated strategies for reaching the target
  • A clear path for implementation
  • Communication of planned measures to all employees involved
  • Sustainable establishment of changes in the culture of the organization