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Vertriebsunterstützung / Business Developer gesucht

Als erfahrenes Beratungsunternehmen haben wir uns auf umsetzungsorientierte Unterstützung in den...


Vierter RIVA Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg am 9. November 2018

Einladung zum vierten Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg


NEU IM TEAM: Uwe Fritsch

Uwe Fritsch hat seine Kernkompetenzen im Bereich Operationsmanagement, Projekt/Programmanagement...


Die aktuellen Trends im Innovationsmanagement

Interview mit Frank Wätzig, GF Riva Partners


Agil Managen

In unserem Flyer rund um das Thema Agiles Managen beschreiben wir Grundlagen, Beispiele für...

high implementation speed

Our consultants are industry-experienced specialists and managers. They bring with them necessary expert knowledge – it does not have to be acquired during your project.

We have often experienced similar challenges to the ones our clients face within our own industrial careers. Thus we can put ourselves in the position of our clients and understand the root cause of the problem. Together we determine the direction, develop suitable solutions and deliver results quickly.

Complete solutions

In our consulting approaches we evaluate the entire value chain – from the generation of ideas to competitive products. Through cross-functional optimization of the interfaces along the value chain we develop, together with our client, a competitive advantage which is not easy to replicate.

Through our ability to think and act cross-functionally we enhance the prospect of success. The mutual understanding between departments increases, the common targets gain centre stage and cooperation and communication in the company improve. As a result this leads to complete, coherent and integrated solutions.

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Tailor-made innovation processes provide the basis for your and in the market, securing a and high attraction to employees, partners and customers alike. Becoming an integral part of the company culture, a transparent and steerable innovation process will help your employees to buy-in to change and to drive innovation forward.

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  • an appropriate number of marketable ideas
  • early best concept selection
  • systematic portfolio management in line with company strategy
  • use of best processes and tools
  • optimized resource management
  • shortest time-to-market
  • lowest risk and best quality right at the start
  • highest level of maturity at production start
  • secured ramp-up time

As a consulting company, we specialize in the optimization of innovation management and product development processes. In close cooperation with our clients, we develop strategies, redesign processes and provide implementation support. We are experts in innovation management, design and development, supplier and project management. Ample expertise and in-depth knowledge gained in executive positions in the industry is the basis for our success, turning it into your success.