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The challenge of Complexity – Innovation and Product Development in Global Networks

Requirements concerning product development are constantly increasing. Innovation and development cycles are getting ever shorter. Tasks in product development are spread across the whole global supplier network, the continued offshoring and outsourcing of development services help to decrease cost.

In addition, complexity in the product development process continues to rise. The increasing level of innovation and technology is creating challenges. The share of electronics is rising. Quality has to be assured early in the product life cycle by use of preventive methods.

These trends create huge challenges for everybody working on the product development process.

RIVA APPROACHES in Innovation and Product Development

Riva consultants support their clients in optimizing their innovation and development processes and in managing and mastering complexity

  • Innovation management lays the foundation for the ongoing renewal of the product portfolio. It is based on market analysis and is using idea management to develop products and services which fit the needs. During the innovation process the technology roadmap is defined and technologically validated. Project organisations need to be set up and risk management strategies needed to be initiated.

  • Innovation projects as well as current projects are controlled by an adequate product and programme planning within the product development process in order to implement the intended product/market strategy

  • The product development process is supported effectively by methods of milestone planning, maturity level assurance, efficient project management and project controlling along the entire supply chain

  • Product and parts standardisation and modular design contribute to cost reduction, but also to a reduction of complexity in processes and products

Targets and results

Targets of an effective innovation and development process are reached when the right products are available to the right markets at the right time. In addition, the production ramp up is performed at high maturity level, with the required quality and at the planned cost.