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Vertriebsunterstützung / Business Developer gesucht

Als erfahrenes Beratungsunternehmen haben wir uns auf umsetzungsorientierte Unterstützung in den...


Vierter RIVA Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg am 9. November 2018

Einladung zum vierten Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg


NEU IM TEAM: Uwe Fritsch

Uwe Fritsch hat seine Kernkompetenzen im Bereich Operationsmanagement, Projekt/Programmanagement...


Die aktuellen Trends im Innovationsmanagement

Interview mit Frank Wätzig, GF Riva Partners


Agil Managen

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achieving project targets

The development of new products is characterized by complex and cross-functional team work. For years, the execution of product development in the form of projects and the application of proven project management methods is state-of-the-art in most companies. Nonetheless, numerous projects do not achieve defined targets. Recent studies show that only one third of all companies reach an acceptable degree of project cost, time and quality target achievement. But it does not have to be that way: we have proved in many successful projects that a high degree of project target achievement is attainable.

RIVA-approach in Project management

We offer a proven approach to achieve your project targets. We understand project management as a means to an end: we stand for a lean and effective approach that concentrates on essential processes and structures:

  • in brief performance assessments we evaluate active projects or the overall PM maturity of your company and deduct immediate measures

  • we develop individual project management concepts for single projects and project portfolios by aligning processes, structures and competencies in line with your industry requirements and your competitive positioning

  • personnel development, e.g. training and coaching measures, is always based on your active real-life projects; this guarantees a genuine practical relevance of the PM-expertise of your management team and staff

  • for critical or nonperforming projects we can offer experienced Interim Project Managers for critical project recovery

targets and results

Successful project management means that

  • all projects within a company reach cost, time and quality targets

  • in the planning stage it will be transparent to the management and the project team how project targets can realistically be attained

  • project and innovation management are seamlessly aligned

  • the right decision takers are involved at the right time

  • project- und line organization cooperate effectively