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Vierter RIVA Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg am 9. November 2018

Einladung zum vierten Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg


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Dritter RIVA Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg am 5. Mai 2017

Einladung zum dritten Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg

Project management and coaching

Target of the project was to establish project management know-how in a biotech start-up company.

Initial Situation

  • Life-Science start-up company, approx. 40 employees
  • 10 Mio. EUR seed-phase investment by one of the leading venture capital companies
  • Enterprise target: application of genomic-based assays for the commercial identification of enzymes
  • Successful acquisition of a strategically important customer project (contract research)
  • High scientific, but low project management competence of the project team


  • Support in planning and execution of the customer project

  • Coaching of the project manager with regard to project management and leadership skills

  • Definition of a company-wide project managements for all further projects:

    • processes

    • organizational structures

    • reporting


  • Preparation and facilitation of the project kick-off
  • Composure and review of an approved timing plan
  • Alignment of project and company targets
  • On-the-job-training and coaching with the project team
  • Regular project reviews
  • Compilation of company-wide project management guideline
  • Project duration: 3 months, < 30 man-days work load


  • High customer satisfaction in the contract research project
  • Harmonized project management: defined business process model, clear decision making process, implementation of quality gates, lean reporting system
  • Qualification of all relevant team members and managers
  • Very high customer, manager, and staff acceptance of the results