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Vierter RIVA Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg am 9. November 2018

Einladung zum vierten Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg


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Dritter RIVA Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg am 5. Mai 2017

Einladung zum dritten Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg

Cost Engineering

Target of the project was to significantly reduce product costs by cost engineering methods like product-value-design and target-price-calculation as well as process optimization.

Initial Situation

  • A producer of gas lasers
  • Sales and profit declining
  • Measures to reduce material, staff and quality cost already started
  • Ideas available to reduce product cost, but not yet in implementation
  • Low in-house production depth


  • Cost reduction for
    • Material
    • Assembly process


  • Data analysis to identify cost drivers
    • Cost-Breakdown, ABC-Listing, suppliers, technology
  • product value design and target costing
    • generate ideas for cost down measures
    • combine ideas to feasible concepts
    • prioritisation of technical concepts
    • Evaluation and rating of concept by target costing


  • Reduced material cost by 10%
  • Reduced assembly cost by 10%
  • Increased efficiency by 20% through implementation of 3 concepts (potential patentable inventions)