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Vierter RIVA Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg am 9. November 2018

Einladung zum vierten Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg


NEU IM TEAM: Uwe Fritsch

Uwe Fritsch hat seine Kernkompetenzen im Bereich Operationsmanagement, Projekt/Programmanagement...


Die aktuellen Trends im Innovationsmanagement

Interview mit Frank Wätzig, GF Riva Partners


Agil Managen

In unserem Flyer rund um das Thema Agiles Managen beschreiben wir Grundlagen, Beispiele für...


Dritter RIVA Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg am 5. Mai 2017

Einladung zum dritten Sundowner im Bayerischen Yacht-Club in Starnberg

product costs are predominantly determined in the product development Phase

Product costs are a crucial competitive factor for the success of a company. Customer and function relevant features are frequently in contradiction to cost effective product design. Regional and global requirements increase product complexity and can lead to increased cost. The option to set up production sites in different locations and to use alternative technologies is a further challenge. The ongoing optimisation of product and production cost is therefore inevitable and demands cross-functional approaches.

Riva Approaches in cost Engineering

  • We support you with value engineering and design-to-cost approaches during the development process, eliminating unnecessary cost drivers at an early stage by implementing functional requirements as cost effectively as possible

  • In later phases of the product life cycle we deliver cost reduction potentials through optimisation of product specifications

  • We conduct target price calculations and cost analysis to create transparency in cost structures, determine target values and establish vital information for price negotiations

  • Our methods and approaches are applicable for components as well as for one-off expenses in the product creation process such as R&D services, tooling and investment goods

Targets and results

Consequent application of Cost Engineering leads to a cost optimised design of products and processes, creates cost transparency and enables the realisation of ambitious cost targets – for inhouse production as well as for purchased goods and services. The methods are applicable in all phases of the product life cycle - from innovation and development stages through to series production. Cost Engineering contributes significantly to the overall profitability of your company.